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How To Care For The Elderly In Bed

May 31, 2019

1, Avoid friction

When moving the elderly in bed, avoid dragging, pulling, smashing, and pulling, and prevent friction from damaging the skin. You can pad the 1m*1m cushion on the back and buttocks of the old man. When turning the elderly, you can use the cushion to lift the patient and take a cushion. The movement between the sheets changes the position of the patient and reduces the frictional damage to the skin of the elderly.

2, Avoid bad lying position

The shearing force is generated when the bed is raised by 30 degrees in the supine position, and the pressure generated by the weight of the elderly can cause large damage in the tail. Therefore, the bed position of the bed above 30 degrees above is not too long, to avoid pressure ulcers in the tail of the tail.

3, Avoid moisture

Incontinence and sweat stimulation can cause skin impregnation, softness, easy to cause shear, and friction to form pressure sores. In humid conditions, the risk of pressure sores increases by a factor of five. For bedridden incontinence, sweating and secretions, the elderly should be scrubbed in time to clean the perineum and perianal area. If necessary, apply talcum powder or zinc oxide ointment to absorb moisture and reduce friction. Change the sheets of clothing in time, make the beds clean and keep clean, dry and smooth without slag, the skin of the elderly can not directly contact the plastic cloth or rubber sheet.

4, Massage

The massage method can be used for skin without redness, and the foreign nursing community does not advocate massage of the reddened parts. At present, there is a new understanding of the massage therapy in the pressure sore care. It is believed that the massage does not help to prevent pressure sores, because the change of soft tissue pressure is a protective reaction of normal skin. After the pressure is released, it usually fades after 30-40 minutes. No pressure sores are formed and no massage is required. If the redness continues, it indicates that the soft tissue is damaged, the friction will increase the degree of damage, and the massage should be disabled.



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