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How To Choose A Bib

Mar 01, 2021

The bib is a very practical accessory worn by the baby under the collar. It starts to catch saliva or meal soup. In the past, bibs were mostly placed in the shape of plum blossoms or cross petals.

A piece of silk and satin is often paired with three to four layers of gauze, which is wrapped around the baby's neck, and the petals form a circle. There is the title of "turning neck".

When the baby is about five months old, there will be saliva, and some babies will continue until about 2-3 years old. At this stage, the baby's bib is the most used. Therefore, during this period, it is necessary to develop good hygiene habits for the baby from childhood. It is best for the baby to prepare a bib suitable for him. So in the face of the city and all kinds of bibs, how should Ma Ma choose?

One, choose the right materials

The baby's bib must be made of pure cotton material, and its breathability, softness, comfort, and water absorption must be good. Because only in this way, there is no need to worry about your baby getting wet when drinking or eating, or drooling. Some bibs are designed with viscose, which is more convenient for your baby to wear.

2. No rubber or plastic bib

When choosing a bib for your baby, do not use a bib made of plastic or rubber for your baby, especially in weather like winter or when your baby has skin allergies. If you want to use it, hemp people should also put a pure cotton bib on the outside of the bib used by the baby.

Third, when choosing a bib, as long as the size is suitable for the baby, don't want it to be more beautiful and choose the one with a lot of lace around it, just simple and generous.

After that, I should also remind others that you should not tie the bib too tightly when you use the bib for your baby. It is best to take it off after the baby has eaten to prevent accidents; and even younger babies. This kind of bib is suitable for use, it is very convenient to put on and take off and change.

Newborns and infants love to keep saliva. If they don’t wear a bib, the clothes in front of them will be very dirty, and the neck will be wet and easy to cause small rashes. Then we will teach you the following Moms have several ways to make bibs. You can prepare more for your children to save or go out to carry.