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How To Choose A Urine Pad

Apr 02, 2019

· Purchase key points


1. Select the trusted brand and view the product security report. The quality of the products in the market is uneven. When purchasing, be sure to check the safety certification of the products.

2. Pay attention to whether there is a professional design team, whether the pattern has been repeatedly demonstrated.

3. Check carefully. High-quality mats must stand the test of every detail. When buying, you should carefully check whether there are any open lines and air bubbles. If it is not suitable for purchase.


· Select product type

 1.New type of urine pad

Compared with the old models, the new insulation pad is thicker, more comfortable, and made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. It is more reliable to use.

(1) Structure of new type of urine barrier

a. Surface: The material used is OPP color film. The ink is sprayed inside by the method of printing, so it will not touch the baby's skin, and the surface design is uneven, more slippery and safer to use.

b. Middle layer: The material is EPE foam, which is widely used in the packaging of fruits, non-toxic and odorless.

c. Bottom: The material is EPE aluminized film, which has good heat preservation and water resistance, and is more firm at the same time.


(2) Features of the new type of urine barrier

a. Beautiful appearance. Compared with the single color isolation pad, the new product can enrich the child's visual experience.

b. Easy to carry. Ultra-lightweight and portable design for easy carrying.

c. Easy to clean. Just wipe it gently to get it clean.


(3) The function of the new type of urine barrier

a. Performance is stronger. It has good waterproof and temperature insulation performance, which gives the baby a comfortable feeling.

b. Carrying and cleaning is more convenient. Lightweight and easy to carry. If it is stained, it can be eliminated by gently rubbing the stain. This is an important advantage of this type of urine pad.


2. Choose a bamboo fiber insulation pad


This material is also one of the natural fibers, characterized by breathability, wear resistance, instant suction, good coloration, and it also has special features not found in other materials, such as mites, deodorants, UV rays and sterilization. Recently, many diaper pad products have used this material to make the front side of the mat. Such a diaper pad is waterproof and breathable, and can bring a comfortable feeling to the child.


Many parents are used to giving their baby a cotton-based product. These products have good water absorption, high resistance to alkali, mild and non-irritating, but also have some disadvantages, such as being easy to wrinkle and difficult to flatten, shrinking, having a high probability of being deformed, easily deformed, easily sticky, and difficult to completely remove. Therefore, the bamboo fiber insulation pad is a good choice, and the bamboo fiber is used cool when it is hot, and the child generally does not have a sense of resistance.