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How To Choose A Urine Pad

Jul 08, 2019

This requires knowing the structural design criteria for a good insulation pad.

The better insulation pad is a four-layer design, which is the surface layer, the water absorption layer, the waterproof layer, the bottom layer, and the TPU waterproof and breathable membrane used for the waterproof layer. The anti-padding pad of this design fully takes into account the water absorption, water resistance and ventilation. Sex, comfort and other requirements, the baby is more comfortable. Although the four-layer design is not thick, it is very breathable and waterproof.

Also pay attention to the following points when choosing to purchase a urine barrier.

1. The most important thing is to trust the brand and check the safety inspection report of the product.

2. Check if there is a professional design team and whether the pattern has been repeatedly demonstrated. Look at the structural design of the septum to meet the design criteria for a good septum.

3, a good mat will be every detail is impeccable! Carefully look at each work of the mat, and the open and blistering mats are not good products.