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How To Choose Health Care Packaging

May 20, 2019

With the aging of the society and the implementation of the national two-child policy, the growth of two special groups has spawned the rapid development of related industries, adult incontinence care products (adult diapers, nursing mattresses), pregnancy care products (maternal sanitary napkins, puerperium) Nursing pads, moon paper, anti-overflow breast pads, baby care products (diapers, trousers, baby mattresses, nursing pads) and other types are more and more diverse, the classification is more detailed, all major shopping sites, supermarkets everywhere can be seen in a variety of packaging Care products. Many hygienic products companies have seen this potential market, increased product structure, and more and more intentions in product quality; in addition, how to design and produce unique and exquisite packaging has become the focus of these companies.


Material selection

The common sanitary care packaging bags on the market are made of plastics, papers, non-wovens, etc. This time we mainly come to know the packaging of plastic materials. Plastic bags have unique advantages in water resistance, wear resistance, and toughness. They are also beautifully printed and reasonably priced, so they are common packaging materials on the market. This material is generally HDPE high-density polyethylene, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and tough, light weight, chemically stable and will not rust. The new granular material is blown film processed. The finished film has PE matt film, PE white film, PE. Transparent film, PE embossed film, etc.


Pocket shape

From the appearance shape, there are European double tote bags, European single tote bags, Chinese single tote bags, sanitary napkin bags, etc. European-style tote bags have a high-grade appearance, and the bags are three-dimensional and have similar appearances to paper packaging. The packaging that has just emerged in the high-end market. The Chinese tote bag is convenient and practical, and it is widely used, and the price is slightly lower than the European bag. Of course, the equipment required for each bag type is different.


Production process selection

Hygiene products companies consider the product market positioning, operating costs and other factors.

1. The design problem of the layout. If there is no professional designer, you can choose the manufacturer of the packaging bag with design ability. The importance of the packaging screen is well understood.

2, printing method: the use of gravure printing, is to emboss concave dots on the metal drum, store ink, transfer to the substrate, generally used for tobacco and wine labels, stamps, coins, sugar paper, high-grade plastics, etc. . The finished artwork is exquisite, the ink color is thick, the three-dimensional, the color is bright, the layer is rich, the production speed is fast, the drying is rapid, the quantity is larger and the cost is lower.

3, product specifications: packaging bag thickness from 5 silk to 10 silk can be customized, single-layer material production of the bag has printed and printed two types, common with matte PE printing, milky white PE printing and other methods; composite bag They are made up of two or more kinds of materials, and there are many packaging materials involved, among them, PE matte complex PE white, PE matt white embossed PE and so on.

In addition to the above accounting, the difference in age, geography, and consumption habits of the terminal group is also a factor that health enterprises need to reasonably position product packaging considerations.

Hygiene products companies should also choose packaging manufacturers with a certain scale, from raw materials, equipment to production workshops should comply with national environmental protection and quality standards, in order to allow their brands to go further.