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How To Choose The Baby For The Bib?

Nov 30, 2017

Material: the bib will come into contact with the baby's head and neck and chin skin, so the bib fabric recommended to skin-friendly soft fabric-based, such as cotton gauze material, Bib gauze fabric delicate and comfortable absorbent, both warm And breathable, fluffy process, soft, no fluorescent agent, the baby to use comfortable and appropriate.

Size: the size of the collar of the bib, mother is a very important part of the selection of bibs, collar is too loose, can not achieve the mothers need anti-dirty effect. Collar too tight, Bib the baby is easy to breathe.

Color: bib color choice, try to avoid too bright; very bright color bibs are generally subjected to chemical staining, the baby wiping the mouth when easy to eat harmful substances.

Bib is the baby's personal items, mothers are not sloppy!

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