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How To Clean The Changing Pad

Mar 01, 2021

First of all, soak in salt water. After the baby pulls the stool onto the changing pad, the changing pad will inevitably get dirty. Soaking in salt water can prevent the growth of bacteria and achieve sterilization at the same time. The soaking time is about 15 minutes in cold water. That's it.

Secondly, if you are worried that the machine will not be clean, mother can wash it by hand, so that you can feel more at ease. It is better to use a small amount of detergent or washing powder, because the previous step has been soaked in salt water, and the detergent is only for better decontamination. But if you are worried about residue, you can use clean water too many times, so that you don't have to worry about the residue of washing liquid on your baby's skin.

Finally, pay attention to the drying process. The outdoor sun temperature is very high in summer, so you should not expose the changing mat directly to the sun for too long. Although ultraviolet rays can kill viruses, excessively high temperatures can also damage the changing pads, so mothers should control the drying time, and put them in the shade for about 10 minutes under the hot sun.