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How To Distinguish Between Bed Products

May 14, 2019

1. Bed mattress:

The mattress is used to prevent dust from being used during the use of the mattress, and it is difficult to clean the ash, and is used to cover the fabric of the mattress. Elastic bands are placed at the four corners to securely cover the mattress without slipping. It can be disassembled at any time for easy cleaning. The size of the mattress must be matched to the size of the mattress.

2. Sheets:

A blanket placed over the mattress to isolate the body from direct contact with the mattress. In terms of size, the ratio is small, and the large one can be folded according to the size of the bed. Sheets are generally in direct contact with the body and have high quality requirements.

3. Bed cover:

The bedspreads are divided into bed skirts and bed cover bedspreads, which are decorative items. A cloth mat used to cover the entire bed and bedding. The color and color are matched with the four-piece set on the bed, mainly to cover and cover the whole bed, coordinate the whole from the color and the pattern, and visually give the overall beauty. In addition, the bed skirt is affected by the size of the bed and the size and quantity of the bedding. When ordering, the size of the bedding should be noted.


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