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How To Shop For Pillowcases

Feb 17, 2017

Pillowcase should choose to close the fabric to avoid pillow stuffing out of fines, pillow cases outside the main decoration, color to coordinate with the entire room decoration for the principle, according to their own preferences to choose from, in order to protect the clean pillowcase, usually during sleep using a towel, towel used should also be chosen with good suction temperature of cotton products.

Bedding made of pure cotton, polyester/cotton, yarn-dyed fabrics such as cotton, fabric has its own characteristics, price is not the same, the following brief characteristics of various fabrics, and methods.

Pure cotton feel good, using comfortable, easy dyeing, spent type varieties changes rich, soft warm, moisture sex strong, resistance wash, with electrostatic less, is bedding widely used of material; but easy up wrinkle, easy shrink, elastic poor, acid not alkali, should not be in 100 degrees Celsius above of high temperature Xia long time processing, so cotton products ironing Shi best spray wet, easy and ironing flat. So, after each use with a steam iron to ironed, the effect will be better.