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How To Use A Changing Pad

Mar 04, 2021

More and more mothers are aware of the shortcomings of applying diapers to their babies. Although diapers can save parents a lot of time, there are many shortcomings suitable for babies. PP is often red, but diapers often leak or soak. Possibly, at this time, the diaper pad comes in handy. So how do you use the changing pad?

As for how to use the diaper pad, it is recommended that you lay it directly on your child's body. You can add a comfortable sheet on it when it is cold, and a thin sheet on it when it is hot. When the child is wet, you can remove the diaper directly. If the changing pad is also wet, you can take it out and wash it and replace it with a new one.

The changing pad can prevent the baby from being flooded with urine. Even if the changing pad is wet, it is still soft and soft. There are many types of changing pads. It is recommended to use better quality specifications.

Mom.com's warm reminder: The changing pad is placed between the little butt and the diaper to reduce the degree of contamination of the diaper by the baby's poop or urine, and make the diaper easier to clean. Therefore, the changing pad is not a diaper and cannot be used as a substitute for a diaper. Note: Do not throw the diaper towel into the water closet.

How to wash the changing pad

When choosing the baby's underwear, many mothers will buy a lot of diapers for the baby, but now the changing pad is the most popular. How to wash the changing pad after the baby urinates?

The changing pad is washable. However, because some urine insulation pads will become less effective after washing, it is recommended that mothers choose ramie-based urine insulation pads, because the urine insulation effect of this material is still very good after many washings. It also has antibacterial and antibacterial functions.

Usually the reverse material of the urine barrier is mostly TPU waterproof and breathable membrane. This material is resistant to oil, water, mold, recyclability and good air permeability, which greatly reduces the growth of bacteria. When parents choose, the membrane on the reverse side should be waterproof and breathable, otherwise the changing pad will become a bacterial culture dish.

There are also many parents who should pay attention to when choosing to buy a changing mat:

1. The most important thing is to trust the brand and check the safety inspection report of the product. It must be stated here that the quality of camping mats on the market varies from good to bad. When purchasing such products, you must check the safety certification.

2. Check whether there is a professional design team and whether the pattern has been repeatedly demonstrated.

3. A good cushion must be impeccable in every detail! Carefully check the workmanship of every part of the mat. A mat with open lines and foaming is not a good product.