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How To Use A Underpads

Aug 03, 2019

The child can use a underpads throughout the baby's life, usually from birth until two or three years old and no longer wet the bed. The child can use the urine pad from the beginning of his birth. When the child reaches the age of two or three, he can stop using the bed. The diaper pad is usually laid flat under the baby. When the weather is cold, you can add a layer of comfortable thick list. When it is hot, you can change it into a thin list. If the child is wet, you can take off the diaper directly. If the urine pad is wet together, you can replace it and wash it, then put a new one.


1. The underpads is used to reduce the contamination of the diaper by urine and feces, and cannot be used directly as a diaper. And if you can't use it, just throw it into the sewer to avoid blockage.

2. Avoid biting your baby during use, or let it be scratched by sharp objects. The ink of colored lead and oily pen can not be removed once it is dyed, which will affect the use and aesthetics. Also, be sure to keep the insulation pad away from sources of ignition and heat.