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How To Wash The Pad

Apr 03, 2018

1. For the pad cleaning, many new mothers do not know how to solve. Their question is "separate pad cleaning will affect the urine effect ah?" "," the pad after cleaning will not shorten the life? "What is the best way to separate pad cleaning and maintenance?" ”······ For this series of pad cleaning problem, if the use of high-quality separated pad, then you can be responsible for telling you: rest assured that you can wash, the following teach you how to clean the pad of the small skills bar.

2. Salt water immersion, the baby will be pulled to separate pad after the pad will inevitably be dirty, and salt water first soak can inhibit the breeding of bacteria, but also to achieve the role of sterilization, soaking time of about 15 minutes, cold water can be.

3. Can put a small amount of detergent or wash clothes rub, if worried about the machine is not clean, mother can use hand wash, this looks more reassuring. The use of detergent or detergent is good, because the previous step has been soaked with salt water, detergent just for better decontamination. But worry about residue, you can use water a few times, this way you do not have to worry about the residue of the washing fluid against the baby's skin.

4. Moderate drying, summer outdoor sun temperature is very high, so can not be separated pad direct exposure to the sun too long, although ultraviolet radiation can be anti-virus, but too high temperature on the pad is also a certain damage, so the mother can control the drying time Oh, In the heat of the sun probably dry for 10 minutes to place back in the shade.