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In Order Not To Wash The Sheets, The Insulation Pad Is A Must!

Jun 20, 2019


Use 1: Directly spread on the baby's small bed to separate urine, easy to wash and dry, super convenient.

Use 2: It can be placed on a big bed for baby to play, not only anti-leakage, but also super-strong friction waterproof membrane, which can be attached to the sheets. Even if the baby moves, the pad will not slide to the bed.

Use 3: When going out to play, it can be padded in the baby's car, cool and breathable, or spread on the grass for moisture-proof, light and convenient to carry.

Use 4: The mother uses the month after the birth, so that you can wash a lot of sheets.

Use 5: You can put it in your baby's sleeping bag in winter, you can also wash a lot of sleeping bags.

Use 6: It can be used as a sanitary pad for moms to prevent accidental soiling of sheets and easy to clean.

Use 7: When the elderly have to take care of the family, they can also be used as nursing pads for the elderly, saving effort and effort.