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Interpretation Of The Bedspread

Feb 17, 2017

Tapestry bedspread is Brocade type fabric, magnificent color, pattern, and with national characteristics, is an advanced mattress. Crepe bedspread is also called seersucker bedspreads, made from woven striped Seersucker, soft to the touch. Tufted bedspreads chenille bed cover, can be used as raw materials such as cotton, acrylic, polypropylene, fastened with a colored yarn tufted at the end of the cloth, in the wrong side of the fabric to form the end of a length of wool, then press depicted on the cloth at the end of the pattern repeat tufting, hem, brushing and other finishing. To avoid the pile falls also for wet finishing. Tufted bedspreads hem finishing seam on all sides is to use multiple lines, then bedspreads will be decorated by rows on three sides, rows of colors should be consistent with the primary color bedspread.

Lining cotton bedspread quilt cover, lining and filler (chemical fibre wadding) combination, made by sewing thin bedding bedspreads, light, soft, slippery character. Bedspread designs according to the furnishings of the room as a whole-tone operation, sure.