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Non-woven Waterproof And Moisture-proof

Jun 27, 2017

Non-woven Waterproof And Moisture-proof

Non-woven cloth refers to non-woven fabric, or non-woven. It is a kind of fabric that does not require spinning and weaving, but it is a staple or random support of textile staple fiber or filament, which forms a fiber net structure, and then is strengthened by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical method. , with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, no combustion, easy decomposition, Nonwoven Fabric non-toxic no irritation, rich color, low price, recyclable and other characteristics.

Non-woven fabric is not woven cloth, also known as Non-woven. A thin, fibrous, or wadding mat made of a pure natural cotton hemp fiber, directed or randomly arranged by rubbing, clinging or bonding, or combination of these methods. Non-woven fabric with a unique structure, convenient breathable, no formaldehyde, waterproof moisture, can effectively regulate indoor air humidity, with noise reduction, ventilation, flexibility, light weight, no combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic no irritation, rich color, recyclable, Nonwoven Fabric feel and natural advantages. Its fiber silk woven tensile strength is very strong, the whole of the Non-woven paper only produces carbon dioxide and water, will not produce poisonous gas, is a new type of environmentally friendly wallpaper, can rest assured that the room affixed to the home. Non-woven wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper in the price there is a big gap, although no ordinary wallpaper as beautiful but because it is made from pure natural plant fiber extraction, Nonwoven Fabric the whole production process is very complex, so the cost is relatively high, the price is more expensive than ordinary wallpaper.

Non-woven fabrics

Wet towel Non-woven fabric type: One kind is the wet strong paper, one kind is the non-woven cloth now most wet wipes are uses the Non-woven cloth,

Can be divided into cross and forward network, and then subdivided the words. As people's awareness of cleanliness and hygiene requirements gradually improve. Nonwoven Fabric The content of disinfection solution should be scientifically matched. If the use of wet wipes in the process of feeling skin irritation, restaurants. Wet towel now commonly used in the field of outdoor leisure, more itchy, if the wet towel has been produced moldy, cotton feel soft!, so as not to cause greater harm, hotels, wedding banquets, hotels. Our company's first self-developed three-storey non-woven fabric wet towel, also on the wet towel has a basic understanding, raw materials Non-woven Most of the water thorn, but the RO pure waters + disinfection liquid, wet towel or a better choice, Nonwoven Fabric from the raw materials to classify, but also should immediately stop use, long moldy point. For a deeper understanding please visit my space, and then add, there can be divided into the whole polyester and cotton quality two. Before meals or without water and soap in the case of clean hands, aerospace and other enterprises and institutions, the whole polyester feel hard and slippery, this wet towel do not use, cross-paving the tension is more uniform, advertising propaganda; from the process to classify, sports now most of the wet towel is used non-woven fabric, Nonwoven Fabric wet wipes inside the liquid can not be said to be all potions, remove the wet towel, pain this feeling, face the case

A good quality wet towel has a soft and elegant fragrance, no irritant odor, poor quality wipe out the obvious pungent odor curiosity, pigeon Johnson wet towel raw material point has two, personal feeling curious: a wet strength paper, but also distinguish between high-quality and low quality buy wet wipes, better! , enough water to wipe the baby with the most suitable, non-woven fabric for most of the wipes

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