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Notes On The Underpad

Jul 16, 2019

What is the underpad?

The diaper pad is not a diaper, nor a diaper. Its main function is to isolate the baby's stool to ensure that the scorpion or diaper below is not made dirty. It is best to replace the diaper pad immediately to ensure that the baby is dry.We are a manufacturer specializing in separating diapers, welcome to choose.


How to use the underpad pad

It can be cleaned, long-term use of the pad, can be placed directly on the bed in winter, then put the diaper on the baby, and then put it on the pad. Dirty can be cleaned. It is best to use it under the sheets when using it in summer. Because many of the pads are impervious to water and air. Putting under the sheets prevents your baby from sweating and air.

Interval pad purchase considerations

1. The most important thing is to trust the brand and view the safety inspection report of the product. It must be stated here that the quality of camping mats on the market is mixed. When purchasing such products, you must check the safety certification. The marine pastoral brand, you can choose with confidence.

2. Check if there is a professional design team and whether the pattern has been repeatedly demonstrated.

3. A good mat is sure that every detail is impeccable! Carefully look at each work of the mat, and the open and blistering mats are not good products.

Can the underpad be washed?

In fact, the underpad can be washed. However, because some of the urine barriers will have a bad effect on the urine, it is recommended that the mothers choose the urinary mat for the ramie texture, because the urine barrier of this material has been washed many times, the urine separation effect is still very good. And there is also the function of antibacterial and antibacterial.

Usually, the reverse material of the undepad is mostly TPU waterproof and breathable film. This material is resistant to oil, water and mold, has good recyclability and good gas permeability, and greatly reduces the growth of bacteria. When the parents choose, the membrane on the reverse side is waterproof and breathable, otherwise the urine pad will become a bacterial culture dish.

Maintenance of the underpad pad

The folding marks on the packaging will disappear on their own 1~2 weeks after being laid. When the surface is contaminated with dirt, wipe it with a towel or a soft brush and soapy water. Wipe with a rough brush or a drug to damage the surface of the product. Please note.

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