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Nursing Measures For Elderly People

Jul 02, 2019

The care of the elderly exists in all aspects. Taking care of the elderly and giving the elderly a happy old age is a good wish of all children. How to better care for the elderly, please pay attention to the official website of Yikang.

1. Oral care for the elderly in bed

There are many benefits to oral care, such as keeping the mouth clean, moist, preventing ulcers and infections, and preventing bad breath and sputum, which can help promote appetite. You can observe changes in the oral cavity, and find out whether there are ulcers, bad breath or infection in time. For those who use antibiotics for a long time, you should observe the signs of mold infection in the oral mucosa. A simple method of oral care for long-term bedridden patients is to gargle and scrub the teeth. Commonly used mouthwashes are: mouth Thai, 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide solution; 2% to 3% boric acid solution; 1% to 4% soda water.

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2, the skin care of the elderly in bed

It is also necessary to carry out skin care for patients who have been in bed for a long time. Bathing can clean the patient's skin, promote blood circulation, enhance skin excretion, prevent skin infections and pressure sores, and observe the general condition of the patient. When a patient who is in bed for a long time is taking a bath, the nursing staff should pay attention to the changes in the condition, pay attention to observe changes in consciousness and physical activity, and prevent accidents.

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3, Posture care for the elderly in bed

Correct posture care can prevent pressure sores and limb contractures. From the early stage of the disease, it should maintain a good lying position. Because the patient is mostly in a passive position, it is very important to guide the family members how to position the function of the limb. If the position is changed about 1 hour, the passive activity of the limbs is performed every day for about 30 minutes, 1-2 times a day to promote blood circulation of the limbs, prevent limb contracture and joint stiffness.


4, The care of the elderly in bed

For patients with incontinence, a disposable pad under the buttocks is used instead of soft, absorbent rags (should be disinfected). Apply hot water to cleanse the perianal skin after each bowel movement. Female patients should wash the perianal and genital area after each bowel movement. For male patients with urinary incontinence, urinary urination can be used to urinate or use a white plastic bag to tie the root of the penis. Each urination should be replaced once, and the urethral opening should be cleaned to avoid urinary tract infection.

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5, Psychological care for the elderly in bed

For elderly patients who are bedridden for a long time, psychological care is very important. The old man is afraid of being alone or abandoned, and has the mentality of self-blame. As a relative, he should care for and care for the patient. If he has time, he should accompany him and talk with him. He will chat with him and recall some good old days that will make the elderly unforgettable. Loneliness and loss, enhance the confidence and courage of their existence.

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