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Nursing To Protect The Lives Of The Elderly

Apr 13, 2019

1. Finding the meaning of life For the elderly, the meaning of life is the calendar and the clock.

The calendar is something that is scheduled to be done in advance. The things of "going to buy clothes", "going to eat good food" and "meeting with friends" make me feel that I am actually living.

The clock is a day of life beat, 8:00 in the morning for breakfast, morning walks, 12:00 lunch, afternoon shopping, to develop regular habits.

Therefore, for the elderly, they can yearn for a wider outdoor world, and a more fulfilling plan for their own lives is rehabilitation. Walking with family or friends is the driving force behind life skills.

2, even if the failure of excretion will not be frustrated

One of the reasons for the frustration of the elderly in the process of self-exhaustion and rehabilitation is the failure of self-existing excretion.

On the way to the bathroom, the floor was soiled due to incontinence, or the clothes and toilet were soiled in the bathroom because they did not have time to take off their clothes. This kind of failure often causes the self-esteem of the elderly to be greatly hurt, and sometimes it leads to a strong psychological frustration of the elderly. In order to make up for this failure, it is indispensable to choose internal diapers and rehabilitation diapers during self-care excretion.

"It doesn't matter if you fail, because I am there, and I wear a diaper for rehabilitation, so don't worry." As long as the caregiver does not blame the old man for failure, the old man will slowly become courageous. The rehabilitation of the elderly is known as "a challenge to regain human rights." Do not care about incontinence, go out for a walk with your family, etc. is an important step back to normal life. For example, although there is no way to go to the toilet outside, as long as you can put a clean diaper in the bathroom, you can overcome social obstacles.


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