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Origins Of The Bedspread

Feb 17, 2017

Inventor of the bedspread is an ordinary French women named Dee Dee.

Diddy with the groom in the village of Louis meeting was held three months after the official ceremony. Unfortunately, until one morning when the bride later, young wife just found out their husbands have a bedwetting problem--his marriage bed and bedding into a diaper. At this point, congratulations on wedding guests at the door, they laugh out loud, hammering wooden doors, replacement mattresses time is running out. Wise wife looked a dejected husband, suddenly had an idea, from the closet and pulled out a sheet spread rapidly on wet bedding on the urine odor, then open the door to welcome guests. Guests for the customary blessing the bride and groom, and visit their new House. Suddenly, the guests one of the sheets was surprised to yelled,

"What a strange arrangement, it is white ' bedspread '! it must be Paris high and the latest gadgets, right?"

The bride smiled, noncommittal.

The guests Ooh oohs, "Oh! how smart, how nice!"

Then, after they left, a new bed soon spread across France. Three years later, the French Court officially adopts this approach, by that guest put it, naming it "bedspread" and the Palace living things it is included in the code.