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Pillow Case A Basic Overview Of

Feb 17, 2017

Pillowcase PILLOW CASE

Pillow cases are an important part of modern pillows, ancient people without a pillowcase, they use pillows and pillow covers (PILLOW COVER), Chinese pillows online concluded that modern pillowcases have three basic styles: regular a package type, Oxford (with flat edge) and edge type. Three fixed pillow pillowcase has a product, would not have implemented strengthening measures at both sides.

Of bedding.

To protect the pillow also has a beautiful effect.

People cut back on the pillow case, pillow is made of cloth and make a tight wrap pillow cover, generally not washable. Above coupled with the pillow or bed.

But later it was found that the pillow very often not comfortable, convenient, just switch the pillowcase, sleep without slip and cleaning convenience.