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Practical Products To Reduce The Amount Of Care For Bedridden Patients

Mar 29, 2019

Long-term care for bedridden patients requires constant care, so how can we slightly reduce some of the care, and bring some convenience to the patient's life? We recommend the following items.


1. Triangular turning pad, anti-decubitus, paralyzed patient R-type pad, side-care pad

 Triangle turn over pad

The side-turning pad supports the back for patients or elderly people who have been bedridden for a long time, and it is difficult to take care of themselves or they can't take care of themselves. There are two basic functions for lying on the side:

a, long-term lying will cause long-term compression of the buttocks and the back part of the back, the blood does not circulate, it is easy to form hemorrhoids, and bring harm to the patient. The regular side lying can dissipate the body pressure of these parts and prevent the production of acne. However, the angle of the side is not the bigger the better, the patient or the old man who loses consciousness or is difficult to move. If the angle is too large, the protruding bones such as the lateral hip bone will be too heavy to form the side of the hemorrhoids, which is counterproductive. The correct angle is about 30 degrees, so the angle of the triangle pad is more suitable.

b. Change the position of the patient. A posture is long, and patients and normal people will feel backache and leg pain. The weak patient has no physical strength to change position and stretch the bones. At this time, the nursing staff needs to turn over the patient, massage, etc., but turning over is a hard work. Things, with a turn-over pad can help support the patient when turning over.

Of course, turning over the pad can help the care to reduce labor, but having a rollover pad does not mean that the patient is not needed. For those patients who lack the ability to act with awareness, they still need to change their position to prevent hemorrhoids, which is good for recovery and health.


2. Adult silicone bib

Adult bib

Ordinary aprons can only prevent food residues from falling onto the clothes, but they are often scattered on the ground and on the table. I bought this kind of bib that can catch the fallen food, and there is no more everywhere.


3. Disposable sheets, waterproof, adult care pads, urine pad

Disposable sheets

Put a layer of disposable sheets on the bed, you can avoid the toilet and the bed as much as possible. If it is dirty, it will be replaced directly, convenient and hygienic.