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Precautions For Choosing An Adult Care Pads

Apr 17, 2019

Adult care pads are disposable items for adults with reduced mobility, and the emergence of adult care pads has also reduced some of the stress problems some people care about for people with limited mobility. So what do you need to pay attention to in the choice of nursing pads for the elderly who have been in bed for a long time? 

adult care pads

1. Absorption efficiency. Absorption efficiency is not only the absorption speed, but also the ability to prevent reverse osmosis. It is sucked in, the surface is always wet, this is not feasible.

2, The surface material of the nursing pad. The surface material is a material close to the skin. It is soft and does not have a compressive force or shearing force on the skin.

3, Nursing pad breathability. Breathing pad refers to the molecular level of the base film. The airtight nursing pad is stuffy and hurts the skin for prolonged bed rest. Finally, the safety of the nursing pads refers to whether it is recycled materials. Nowadays, many online sales are extremely cheap, even lower than the general market cost, which is unreliable.

4. Is it safe and reliable? Long-term bed rest is easy to get pressure sores. The nursing pad is used to absorb urine and to prevent the skin from being in incontinent dermatitis under acidic conditions. However, if the nursing pad used is not good, it will not be effective, but it will have more More injuries, so it is recommended to choose a good quality care pad.

The above is about the need to pay attention to the choice of nursing pads for the elderly who have been in bed for a long time. If you have any need for adult nursing pads, you can contact us at any time!


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