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Adult Care Pads

Apr 17, 2019

Adult care pads are one of the adult care products. They are mainly used for disposable massage pads for incontinent adults. Most of the adult care pads are sheet-like when purchased. The adhesive sheet has the effect of adjusting the waist size to suit different The fat and slim body shape. The adult nursing pad has a leak-proof water-proof membrane, and the bottom layer is made of a leak-proof water-proof material to effectively prevent leakage; the surface layer is made of high-grade non-woven fabric, which can quickly penetrate the urine downward and prevent back osmosis. Keep the surface dry and maintain skin health; with super absorbent, absorbable body made of imported fluff pulp and polymer, fully absorb the special design of the diversion layer without the osmosis velocity seepage layer, guide the urine to spread forward and backward Rapid infiltration and absorption to make the surface more dry. All the characteristics of the adult care pad depend on the materials used.

adult care pads



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