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PU Mat Can Prevent Slipping When Bathing

Jun 27, 2017

PU Mat Can Prevent Slipping When Bathing

Many places in life need to use the mat, the entrance porch, kitchen entrance, toilet entrance and so on need to lay a mat, and in the selection of the mat, the general family will be in the entrance of the Xuan Pu mat, the following small compiled some PU mat content, for your reference, so that everyone can really understand the PU mat.

PU Mat Application field is very extensive. In the car is the car non-slip mat, can be pasted on any plane of the car, can adhere to such as mobile phone, cigarette case, PU Underpad glasses box and other small items, and PU material purity, its adhesion will be stronger. Pu material life long, can be used to wash off the dust above can restore the original adsorption force. Because of its high temperature characteristics, placed in the car through the sun exposure will not be denatured aging, will not release toxic and harmful substances. PU Underpad In the bathroom that is for the bathroom non-slip mat, because of its strong wear resistance, plus and other absorbent materials with strong use, can reduce the occurrence of the crash of bathroom, increase security.

PU mats-Buy and use

1, in the purchase of Pu Mat when the best choice of texture feet soft thickness of a thin cushion, soft and thin non-slip pad because of its ductility and bending, PU Underpad so its non-slip performance is relatively good. Conversely, the harder the non-slip pad its softness, non-slip performance is also relatively weakened.

2, as far as possible to choose odorless and tasteless pu mats, some with fragrance of non-slip pads are mostly manufacturers in the process of production to add artificial spices. Due to the inability to test the chemical stability of spices, when used in automobiles, sunlight exposure and ultraviolet radiation may release some toxic and harmful substances, coupled with a relatively closed vehicle environment, PU Underpad long-term use may be potentially dangerous to human health.

3, the use of Pu mat in the car, the first should be to ensure the safety of driving under the premise of use, to avoid the car in the accident caused by falling objects. PU Underpad And should be through the formal channels to buy, to prevent poor quality products to bring danger.

4, in daily life can be prepared two PU non-slip pad, rotating use, better cleaning and finishing.

We know that a large part of the role of the mat is non-slip, so at home in the bath when the best watering down the ground on a piece of Pu mat, in case the bath slip, PU Underpad usually not when you can easily collected. The above is a small part of the PU to everyone about the full content of the mat, I hope you have seen help!

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