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PU Mats Have A Strong Wear Resistance

Aug 01, 2017

PU mats are widely used. In the car is the car anti-skid pad, can be attached to any plane in the car, can stick such as mobile phones, packets, glasses boxes and other small objects, and PU material, the higher the purity, the adhesion will be stronger. PU material long life, PU Underpad can be washed with water to remove the dust above the original adsorption force. Due to its high temperature characteristics, placed in the car by the sun exposure will not degeneration of aging, will not release toxic and hazardous substances. PU Underpad In the bathroom that is the bathroom mat, because of its strong wear resistance, coupled with other absorbent materials with a strong use, can reduce the occurrence of bathroom fall accidents, increase the sense of security.

Pu mats - buy and use

1, in the choice of PU mats when the best choice of soft foot thickness of the mat, PU Underpad soft thin mat because of its ductility and bending good, so its anti-skid performance is relatively good. On the contrary, the more hard non-slip mat of its softness is poor, PU Underpad non-slip performance is relatively weakened.

2, try to choose odorless and tasteless PU mats, some with the smell of non-slip mats are mostly manufacturers in the processing of the production process to add artificial spices. PU Underpad Due to the inability to test the chemical stability of the fragrance, when used in automobiles, exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation may release some toxic and hazardous substances, PU Underpad together with a relatively confined interior environment, which may be potentially dangerous to human health.

3, in the car to use PU mats, the first should be to ensure the safety of driving under the premise of use, to avoid the car items lead to accidents. PU Underpad And should be through the formal channels to buy, to prevent the harm of inferior products.

4, in daily life can be prepared two PU anti-skid pad, take turns to use, better cleaning finishing.

We know that the role of a large part of the mat is non-slip, so when the bath at home, the best shower below the ground covered with a pu mat, to prevent the bath when the slippery, usually when not easy to close up.