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Teach You How To Make A Baby Diaper

Jul 31, 2018

1. Fold the cloth diaper along the vertical center, then fold it along the center line of the cross. If you have a large amount of urine, you can use 2 diapers.

2. Lay the cloth diaper on the diaper pad. The boy's words were thicker in front, and thicker in the back of the girl.

3. Hold up your butt and pad the cloth diaper below. The front part folds on the side of the stomach. For the part outside the cloth diaper pad, the girl's words folded back and the boy's words folded forward. To increase the thickness.

4. The tape of the cloth diaper pad is tied to the waist, and the part outside the cloth diaper pad is changed into the cushion. Because the baby uses abdominal breathing, pay attention to the abdominal belt not too tight.