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The Difference Between Saliva Towel And Bib

Nov 28, 2019

Bib is a cloth around the chest used by children or adults. It is often tied around the neck to keep the clothes clean. Because the saliva secretion of baby is increased and the mouth is shallow, and the action of closing the lip and swallowing is not coordinated, the baby can't swallow the saliva in time, so it will flow a lot of saliva. Wearing a bib for your baby can reduce the frequency of changing clothes and only make your baby feel comfortable.

Saliva towel is made of natural pure cotton. It is soft and of good quality. It is covered with TPU waterproof membrane. It's super waterproof. It's also very comfortable for baby to use and won't have any adverse effects. Many Bibs on the market are made of plastic and rubber. Although they are not afraid of being wet, they will have adverse effects on the baby's chin and hands. So it's better to buy products for babies.