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The Material Of The Bib Is Very Important

Jun 27, 2017

The Material Of The Bib Is Very Important

Saliva towel also known as food pocket, baby bib, baby bib, is made of waterproof materials for baby products. So how to choose bib, below everybody to understand.

How to choose a bib for your baby

Do not underestimate the small bib, at the baby's table but it is not. Left it, the baby after eating things mummy can be cleaning clothes and headache.

1. Pattern & Color

In addition to the basic elements of material and size, patterns and colours are also factors that many moms will consider when choosing a bib. Bright color, cute design bib not only can let mummy like, also can attract baby's attention, let the baby love to wear bib. Recommended selection of bright, stain-resistant color, baby like, Bib also easy to clean. Light colors are relatively easy to get dirty.

2. Size

Pick the appropriate size of the bib, the most important thing is the neckline of the bib, the tightness of the neckline will affect the baby's breathing, Bib too tight will let the baby can not breathe, too loose will not be good to prevent dirt. In addition, is to see whether the size of the bib is suitable for the baby's month, if the chest can not be covered, is not very good to play the role of pollution prevention OH.

3. Material

The material of the bib is very important. Because the bib will contact the baby's neck and chin skin, if the texture is not good will hurt the baby's delicate skin. The general market is more than gauze, cotton and gum, suitable for different periods and different occasions for the use of babies. Bib Mummy had better buy some spare.

Plastic Wood

More and more brands began to introduce new Materials branch pocket, soft plastic material bib design become the current market favorite. Plastic bib is convenient and durable, easy to clean, can catch the food when the baby falls on the body, to prevent dirty baby clothes, but also relatively soft, lightweight, can be folded, easy to collect and carry out use.

Now the market on the sale of waterproof bib, Bib not only fashionable, more varieties, but also more and more functions, not just waterproof, parents to the baby to prepare a waterproof bib, labor and worry.

Waterproof bib According to different fabrics, also a variety of, the most common is silicone waterproof bib. This kind of bib meets the ecology design, applies to can sit eats the baby, Bib the neck place soft buckle ring makes the baby feel comfortable. A deep bib can stop a baby from feeding a mouth or spit. Easy to clean, even can be put into the dishwasher cleaning, for the parents who have work to be busy is very practical.

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