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The Material Of The Bib Is Very Important

Aug 11, 2017

Do not underestimate the small bib, at the baby's table, but it is indispensable. Left it, the baby after eating things mummy can be cleaning clothes and headache.

1. Pattern & Color

In addition to the basic elements of material and size, patterns and colours are also factors that many moms will consider when choosing a bib. Bright color, Bib cute design bib not only can let mummy like, also can attract baby's attention, let the baby love to wear bib. Recommended selection of bright, stain-resistant color, baby like, also easy to clean. Light colors are relatively easy to get dirty.

2. Size

Pick the appropriate size of the bib, the most important thing is the neckline of the bib, the tightness of the neckline will affect the baby's breathing, Bib too tight will let the baby can not breathe, too loose will not be good to prevent dirt. In addition, is to see whether the size of the bib is suitable for the baby's month, Bib if the chest can not be covered, is not very good to play the role of pollution prevention OH.

3. Material

The material of the bib is very important. Because the bib will contact the baby's neck and chin skin, if the texture is not good will hurt the baby's delicate skin. Bib The general market is more than gauze, cotton and gum, suitable for different periods and different occasions for the use of babies. Mummy had better buy some spare.

Plastic Wood

More and more brands began to introduce new Materials branch pocket, soft plastic material bib design become the current market favorite. Plastic bib is convenient and durable, easy to clean, Bib can catch the food when the baby falls on the body, to prevent dirty baby clothes, but also relatively soft, lightweight, can be folded, easy to collect and carry out use.

Phased use of Bib

0-2 months gauze Bib

This stage of the baby is very easy to return to the milk, often spit full neck is, if not add bib is easy to cause milk ringworm eczema. Gauze bib air permeability is better, Bib so the need to often around around the small baby, gauze material around the pocket more suitable, not easy to cover eczema.

2-4 months full cotton bib

This time or to be mainly breathable, but not back to milk, Bib you can use the cotton, the whole cotton bib look more beautiful patterns, than white gauze bib more attractive to the baby's thinking.

4-6 months Waterproof Bib

This time the baby because of the addition of complementary food, especially the Apple mud and so on, when eating easily dirty clothes, these juices are difficult to wash away. Bib So be sure to use waterproof, the best is still resistant to dirty.

6-12 months Soft Gum bib

The baby eats the supplementary food the opportunity more and more, and slowly will sit to eat. can start to use soft plastic bib, scrub up convenient, but also more suitable for the need to eat complementary baby.