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The Material Of The Bib Is Very Important

Aug 23, 2017

Do not underestimate the small bib, but in the baby's table, but it's nothing Oh. Left it, the baby after eating things Mummy may have to wash clothes and headache slightly.

1. Pattern & color

In addition to the basic elements of material and size, patterns and colors are a lot of mom when the selection of bibs will consider the factors. Bright colors, patternable bibs can not only make Mommy like, you can also attract the attention of the baby, let the baby more love to wear bibs. Bib Recommended to choose bright, dirty color, baby like, but also easy to clean. Light color is relatively easy to dirty.


Pick the appropriate size of the pocket, the most important thing is the collar of the collar, the collar of the elastic will affect the baby's breathing, too tight will make your baby can not breathe, Bib too loose will not be very good anti-dirty. In addition, is to see the size of the bib is suitable for the baby's age, if you can not cover the chest, is not a good anti-fouling effect Oh


The material of the bib is very important. Because the bib will come into contact with the baby's head and neck and chin skin, Bib if the texture is not good will hurt the baby delicate skin. General market is more gauze, cotton and gum, suitable for different periods and different occasions to use the baby. Bib Mommy is best to buy some spare.

Plastic materials

More and more brands began to introduce new materials, bibs, soft material bibs designed to become the new darling of the current market. Plastic bibs easy and durable, easy to clean; can catch the baby in the food when eating on the body, to prevent dirty baby clothes; and relatively soft, lightweight, can be folded, Bib easy to collect and carry out to use.

Bibs are used in stages

0 ~ 2 months gauze bib

This stage of the baby is very easy to happen back to the milk, often spit out the full neck are, if not surrounded by the pocket is likely to cause dampness eczema. Bib Gauze bib breath permeability is better, so the need to often around the bib pocket of the baby, gauze material bibs more suitable, not easy to cover out eczema.

2 to 4 months cotton bib

This time or to be breathable, but do not return to milk, Bib then you can use the cotton, and cotton like a look of the wand, beautiful pattern, than the white gauze bibs more attractive to the baby's mind.

4 ~ 6 months waterproof bib

This time because the baby added food supplement, especially the apple mud and the like, when eating very easy to get dirty clothes, the juice is also very difficult to wash away. Bib So be sure to use waterproof, it is best to be dirty.

6-12 months soft rubber bib

The baby to eat complementary opportunities more and more, Bib and will slowly sit and eat. You can start using the soft rubber bib, scrubbing up convenient, but also more suitable for eating baby needs.