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The Method Of Making Bib

May 25, 2017

The applicable stage of bib 

For 0-5 months of the baby, saliva has just begun to increase, you can use a soft baby gauze or absorbent a strong newborn baby with a saliva towel to wipe. Bib Because the baby is still unable to sit upright, many times is the bosom in the adult body to drink milk, this stage of the saliva towel more emphasis on water absorption, while the area is not too big, only need to cover the baby's chest neck, the main role is more convenient hemp care or feeding at any time wipe.


Lovely baby in the meal when drinking water always can not be a lovely bib, there are also ordinary clothes to wear, but also pretty cute. So how to homemade a cute bib? Below the one-year-old baby to demonstrate to you to learn to make OH.

Cotton cloth 1 feet 5 inch (50 cm) scissors ruler Draw Powder sewing machine

1 Bib Fold the cloth and continue to fold it in half, but the second time to fold it to set aside 1 centimeters for the side.

2 The cloth is set up and the crop is cut. Bib From the right edge to the left 1 feet 2 inch length, the volume bust 5 inch, shoulder width 4 inch, straight collar 2 inch, transverse collar 1 inch 8. Refer to the first figure below to draw the first picture, then cut off the dotted line according to the second figure. (Note, if your home is a boy to press Shan dashed cut, if your home is small princess on the Shan dotted line cut open) cut the first piece, then cut the film.

3 Bib Dress up and prepare the attachment. There are mainly wrapped cloth, pockets and so on, if you do not know how to sew, you can according to when to take accessories.

4 Start sewing. The first piece folds the place to sew.

5 anterior and posterior shoulder suture. Facing the face head-on, the front is inside.

6 Start wrapping the hem on the neckline cuff.

7 Bib The hem of the cuffs, the material is wider than the edge of the collar. Here, the tape comes out from inside, so one end is a pass.

8 tape making. Wide-length cloth, folded in folds, leaving a flip-back seal.

9 sewn on the tape, the baby's bib is done. Not very understand the pro to see more than two times, more pondering, I wish you success!

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