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The Method Of Using The Old Man's Septum

Jul 31, 2018

1, the elderly urine pad can be divided into two kinds: disposable urine pad, and washable urine pad. However, most families choose to use washable urinary pad, which makes it easier for them to reuse. Generally speaking, they will prepare two urine pad for the elderly so that they can be exchanged.

2. waterproof septum pad effect will be better, and at the same time in waterproof, the surface is not absorbent, and in the process of use, if there is urine on the septum pad, you can use a towel to wipe clean, although it is not very dry on the septum pad, but can continue to use, but can continue to use, but It is here to pay attention to, in order to avoid the elderly received infection, after wiping out, the need to use disinfectant to disinfect, if the pollution is more serious, need to be cleaned, then another to continue to use.

3, for the use of urinary cushion, it is better to be able to prepare a few more, at this time it needs to be determined according to the season, if it is in the autumn and winter season, the old man is long lying in the bed, then the cover quilt, as long as there is the size and stool, it needs to be replaced. In addition, no wet urine can not buy too much, use diapers in the daytime, sleep at night in the use of urine, and in the evening the need to use the septum.