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The Right Choice For Baby Bibs

Apr 11, 2019

The saliva secretion of infants and young children has not been well solved in every family. The baby knows that the mouth movements in the period of one year old are born in the germination period, so the drooling is not their fault. It's not their fault, so there is no reason for the treasure moms to wash their clothes. At present, they can only choose to take prevention as the main, and the bib pocket is currently the main protective equipment for infants and young children, so look at these factors to choose the pair of bibs. Can be a lot easier

The bib classification

For children's products, many parents put the material in the first place, after all, the baby's skin is very delicate. The bib will often touch the baby's head and neck and chin, so the material is very important, followed by the use of the product!

Cotton bib

Including cotton material and gauze material, the texture is very soft and comfortable to use; but the cotton bib is poor in water resistance, it is not easy to clean stains, and it is easy to mold and breed bacteria, which needs to be cleaned frequently.

Silicone bib

The silicone bib pocket is made of food-grade environmentally-friendly raw materials. The material can be trusted. It is formed by the silicone product manufacturer after more than 200 degrees of high temperature processing. It is resistant to temperature and water and oil. It is very convenient to clean. It can be used repeatedly. And the silicone bib is now generally used in 3D three-dimensional design, the groove can easily hold the food, this design is to occupy space than cotton when stored. In addition, silica gel can be used as a bib pocket to make other silicone products.


Polyester is soft and has the advantage of being durable and non-sticky. 100% polyester fiber is easy to clean, it is more waterproof than cotton bib, but slightly worse than silicone silicone bib.


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