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The Role Of The Spacer

Sep 10, 2019

The baby is very annoying when I am in bed. The new quilt that has just been changed is dirty and it is very troublesome to wash. The new mothers can't stop the baby's urine, but you can buy her a urine pad, the size of a few rounds without a heavy sample is also very easy to have wood! Then the role of the urine pad is really just a urine?

urine pad

1, the urine pad to keep the baby's skin dry and comfortable, prevent diaper rash, is the baby's standing life care products.

2, because the urine pad alone contains natural Chinese herbal ingredients, can play a cool and hygienic role, can prevent bacterial infection of the baby's skin, but also prevent diaper rash.

3, baby double-effect diaper pad specially added natural Chinese herbal ingredients, baby urine wet powder, can relieve the baby's feeling of discomfort caused by urine, avoid urine to stimulate the baby's skin, protect the baby's delicate skin. 

4, the baby double function of the urine pad can be used on both sides, should be placed between the baby and the diaper. 

5. If the baby is licked, the water will be infiltrated into the diaper by the pores of the diaper.

6. When changing the diaper for your baby, discard the used diaper. Due to the function of the diaper pad, the degree of staining of the diaper is not large, which reduces the trouble of cleaning.