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The Use Of The Underpad

Apr 29, 2019

1, girls with menstruation: adolescence, the menstruation is a troublesome thing for girls, most of them often appears to sleep peacefully in night, with the underpad no longer worry about soiling the sheets;


2, Mothers with postpartum lochia: due to the large amount of postpartum lochia, plus the baby lying on the side of the side, sometimes maternal cotton can not be absorbed in time is easy to leak, stained sheets, at this time there is no need to separate the pad Worried about this problem;


3, Middle-aged and elderly: Some middle-aged and elderly people are sick in bed, or just after surgery, life can not take care of themselves, in case of incontinence, if the family prepares a urine pad to a certain extent, it can alleviate a series of bedwetting Troubled.


It can be seen that the function of the urine pad is so powerful!

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