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Urine Pad

Dec 31, 2019

Urine pad can be bought and reused.

Because a lot of times, especially when new mothers put diapers on their babies, they don't pay attention to the small details. Then when the babies pee, they will directly wet the mattress or the sheets. When they come down several times, they change several sheets. In fact, it's a good way to use the diaper pad at this time. It can be used to separate the contact between the urine and the mattress.

At the same time, the use of diapers is also convenient for the mother to change the diapers or diapers for the baby. Use a diaper pad under the baby's pp. when changing diapers, you won't worry about soiling the mattress.

In fact, diaphragms are not consumables. It's better to prepare 3-5 diaphragms.

Because it depends on the season, if it's autumn and winter, you can prepare more, because the baby would have to cover a lot of quilts when sleeping in the bed, and if you have to change the diaper pad once you defecate.

In addition, if you always use diapers, you don't need to buy too much, but it is recommended to use diapers in the daytime and at night. Remember to use a diaper pad at night.

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