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Wash The Knowledge

Feb 17, 2017

(1) the fabrics for different washing method is also different, read the washing instructions on the label carefully. Bedding washing steps is as follows: first the liquid neutral detergent mix melt in water up to 30 degrees, then will need to wash items into washing soak for approximately 10-15 minutes before, begin to rinse washing better bedding to hang dry, but not long time exposure.

(2) washing pillows or bedding by core classes, preferably with drum-type washing machine or hand wash; just bought bed on your first cleaning the best weak wash with water, do not use bleach; bedding package in the cleaning is with a printed pattern, sometimes flooding phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon.

(3) bedding should be washed clean in the seasonal changes, air dried and stored in a dry place, high humidity areas should also be carried out regularly to hang out in the South. Bed generally are less large area of dirt, easy to clean and maintain, but different fabrics washing and maintenance of products have a very big difference, view product wash before washing and maintenance identification.

(4) include bedding, pay attention to the deep, light fabrics are kept separately, collection, neatly folded and put the right amount of moth balls can be waterproof bedding cotton fabrics are mildew attack, wool and silk by mildew attack can also be used the same way. Silk and wool fabric put moth balls, so as to avoid yellowing of fabrics; put in suitable humidity, well-ventilated place.