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What Fabric Is Good For Baby Diaper

Feb 15, 2020

Bamboo fiber, cotton gauze or cotton hemp? Now on the market baby's diaper pad has bamboo fiber, pure cotton gauze, cotton hemp, in the end what material is good? First of all, we should consider whether it is comfortable, because the baby's lying posture is the most, and the soft material makes them feel very comfortable; in addition, we should also consider whether there is odor, whether there is ventilation. The breathable and odorless diaper fabric will not cause red buttocks of the baby, and will not cause allergy to the baby's body.

Urine pad

To sum up, pure cotton gauze material is very suitable, pure cotton gauze diaper is very soft, and very breathable. To be able to sterilize and resist bacteria, of course, which one to choose depends on the preferences of mothers. Whether it's cotton, linen, cotton gauze or bamboo fiber, you need to boil it with boiling water before use, so that it can be completely sterilized.