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What If The Child Is 6 Years Old And Still Wet The Bed?

Sep 28, 2019

After the baby is trained in toilets, most of them can control their bladder. Generally, they will not wet the bed after the age of four. Parents don't have to be too scared if they have bedwetting.

Diaper Pad

First, we can lay a layer of insulation pad on his bed before going to bed.

Second, let him try to eat and drink anything within an hour before going to bed.

Third, let the child urinate before going to bed. These are effective ways to control bedwetting.

If some parents want to choose to train their children through nighttime wake-up, avoiding him to wet the bed, then you need to pay attention to wake up the child to get up and pee, don't wake up casually, but observe the child's bladder filling, about to urinate Wake up before. For example, a child suddenly emerges from a deep sleep state, irritability, turning back and forth, this may be a signal, or master the time rule of the child's usual bedwetting, wake him up before he is about to urinate, in order to achieve effective training.