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What Is A Waterproof Bib

May 24, 2019

The bib is a must-have item that grows up with your baby! 

From newborns to kindergartens, it is inseparable from the choice of bibs. From the 4th month onwards, some babies will start to grow their teeth. Because the baby's saliva secretion is increased and the mouth is shallow, combined with the closed lip and swallowing action is not coordinated, the baby can not swallow the secreted saliva in time, so it will flow a lot of saliva. At this time, in order to protect your baby's neck and chest from being wet by saliva, you can wear a bib for your baby. This will not only make your baby feel comfortable, but also reduce the number of times you change clothes. The bib can be bought at the baby store, or it can be made from absorbent cotton, thin velvet or terry cloth. It is worth noting that you should not use plastic and rubber bibs to save trouble. Although this bib is not afraid of wetness, it will have an adverse effect on your baby's chin and hand.

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