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What Is The Bed Mattress? The Difference Between Bed Mattress And Bed Cover

Nov 09, 2019

What is the mattress? The difference between the mattress and the bed cover is that the mattress is a cloth cover that is directly placed on the mattress. Its main purpose is to wrap the mattress. The mattress itself is very easy to fall off the ash, plus some artificial damage, short time It will become dirty and it is not convenient to clean, so the mattress will solve this problem. Cleaning the mattress with a mattress is not so dirty, it is very easy to clean even if it is dirty.

The mattress looks very special. It cuts the four corners of a sheet of paper into four small squares, stitches them together, and then attaches an elastic band around them. The role of the elastic band ensures that the mattress cover does not slide on the mattress, and some mattresses sew the entire cover with an elastic band, which greatly increases the stability of the mattress, and the person can sleep on it. Feel free to flip. Compared to ordinary sheets, it is convenient and easy!

The role of bed mattress

The role of the upper mattress is to make the mattress not easy to dirty, and the dirty mattress is also very easy to clean. At the same time, there are many places in the country who usually use the mattress as a function to protect the mattress. In fact, the mattress can be used as a mattress. Use of sheets. Moreover, when used as a bed sheet, it is easier to fix the slip than the ordinary sheet, and many people in foreign countries use this function instead of the sheet.

What Is The Bed Mattress

The difference between bed mattress and bed cover

Different size specifications

Generally, the size of the sheets can be adjusted at will, no matter the size of the sheets, the impact on the bed is not great. When choosing bed-type bedding, you only need to follow a principle, that is, buy big and not buy small. That is to say, you can pick large sheets, but you can't buy sheets that are smaller than the bed. When choosing bed cover type sheets, there is a big difference. The bed cover is directly wrapped on the mattress, so there is a certain requirement for the size of the bed during use. Generally, the bed of 1.8 m * 2 m needs 1.8. The bed of rice * 2 m * 25 cm, the bed of 1.5 m * 2 m is a bed that requires 1.5 m * 2 m * 25 cm.

Different production difficulty

Sheets: A piece of square fabric. Bed уга: More complicated than bed sheets, cut 4 small squares from the four corners of a sheet, sew them together, and then bring elastic bands around them! His advantage is that it is not easy to slip on the mattress. Due to the complexity of their production, bed linen is generally more expensive than regular bed sheets.

In China, the mattress is generally only used as an ordinary mattress cover, so the fabric is relatively ordinary, and even can be said to be simple. Foreign bed mattresses are often more expensive fabrics, because they also use the mattress as a bed sheet, and choose a good fabric, they will not be ill-treated. The material of the mattress is varied, and the price of the mattress of different materials is different, so we have to consider various factors when purchasing the mattress.