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What Is The Difference Between A Urine Pad And A Diaper?

May 30, 2019

The diaper pad is completely different from the diaper. The diaper pad is placed on the baby bed to separate the urine. The diaper is used on the baby's butt to prevent the urine from spilling. The difference is obvious:

1, Insufficient moisture absorption, a pool of water after urine.

2, The breathability is not enough, not soft. The child sleeps on it, stuffy, hot, sleepless, and rolls around.

3, Comfort is not enough, very hard. It will become colder and colder, which will easily lead to the baby catching cold and catching a cold.

4, Fast drying is not enough, it takes several hours to dehydrate after washing to dry.

5, Not resistant to washing, washing more times will be hard, leaking urine.

6, Easy to slide, the child turned over and rolled on the side of the child, the side of the pad, can not protect the bed sheet urine.

7, The urine pad is actually a list of children on the bed to prevent the child from wet, the back has a waterproof layer. The diaper pad itself is not breathable and it is not recommended to lay it under the child all day. When changing diapers for your child, it is better to use it if your child is in bed.

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