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What Is The Difference Between The PU Pad And The PVC Pad?

Apr 30, 2017

What is the difference between the PU  pad and thePVC  pad?

PVC is the earliest invention for cortical fabric substitutes, it is to use PVC to add plasticizers and other additives in rolling composite cloth to form, has the advantages of low price, rich color, pattern variety, disadvantage is that it is easy to become hard and brittle.


PU synthetic leather is used in place of PVC artificial leather, its price is higher than PVC artificial leather. From the chemical structure, it is closer to the cortical fabric, it is not a plasticizer to achieve the nature of the soft, so he won't become hard, brittle, with rich color, pattern of various advantages, the price is cheaper than leather fabric, so welcomed by consumers. PU PVC, the difference is easy to see the PU, from the corner of the bottom cloth than PVC thick many feel there are also differences between the PU, the soft; PVC feel hard; also can burn with fire, the smell of PU than PVC taste to light many.

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