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What Is The Material Of The Underpads

Aug 03, 2019

1.Pure cotton

Underpads is characterized by soft texture, good water absorption and low irritation. Many fabrics on the market today are made from this material. But it also has some shortcomings, such as wrinkles, it is difficult to smooth once it wrinkles.

2. Cotton and linen

Underpads is characterized by not easy to shrink, fixed size, texture is not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean and fast drying, can maintain good elasticity and wear resistance under any humidity conditions. This fabric is natural and environmentally friendly, suitable for summer use, but its water absorption is slightly poor.

3. Flannel

The raw material for the production is carded wool, and the surface has a fine and tight fluff, which can not see the texture of the weave, and is flat and soft to the touch. But its antibacterial properties are not as good as bamboo fiber.

4. Bamboo fiber

This material is also one of the natural fibers, characterized by breathability, wear resistance, instant suction, good coloration, and it also has special features not found in other materials, such as mites, deodorants, UV rays and sterilization. If this material is used to make the front surface of the diaper pad, it is not only comfortable, but also has good waterproofness, and has become the first choice for many positive materials of recent products.