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What Is The Size Of The Standard Pillow? How Big Is The Pillow?

Nov 09, 2019

What is the standard pillow size? How big is the pillow for sleeping pillow? The commonly used pillowcase size is 48×74cm, 50x70+5cm, and the larger one is 60*90cm. Xiaobian recommends measuring the size of the pillow before buying the pillowcase. The standard size of the pillow is 45*75cm. According to the height of the pillow core, the size of the pillowcase is generally 10 cm in length and width. But this is not uniform, depending on the specific circumstances.

Pillowcase purchase knowledge:

A look: Look at the surface of the cushion cover for color difference, wrinkles, whether the flower cover of the cushion cover is clear and the color is uniform.

Second touch: After reading it, you can touch the pad cover by hand to feel whether its texture is good or not.

Three smells: This is very important. If the cushion has an odor, it is likely that the volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride are high.

Four wipes: You can cut a piece of cushion cover and wipe the cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

The choice of the color of the pillowcase is also very particular. The light-colored sofa should use elegant floral fabrics such as light pink and pink green. For dark-toned furniture, dark green and dark blue are the best choices.

There is no absolute thing. The size of the pillowcase depends on the size of the pillow and the bed you buy. It looks good and works best. There are also a lot of precautions for purchase. You should read more and learn more. If you have rich experience, you can purchase genuine products.

The pillowcase is one of the important components of modern pillows. It is used to protect the pillow core from the outside of the pillow core, to keep the pillow core clean or to increase the aesthetic level. Modern pillowcase pillowcases come in three basic styles: an ordinary one-piece bag, an Oxford (with flat) and a hem. All three pillowcases have an inner seal that secures the pillow so that there are no reinforcements on both sides. The materials used to sew the pillowcase are mainly cotton, cotton and rayon. The most comfortable material is cotton fabric, which is breathable and hygroscopic and does not irritate the skin. Silk pillowcases, also known as silk pillowcases, have many reputations such as fiber queens and soft gold. More than 97% of its tissue structure is animal protein, rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. It is said to clean and maintain the skin and increase the vitality of skin cells. Especially for sensitive skin, delicate skin of infants and the skin of the elderly. In order to avoid the silky smoothness and ensure the elasticity of the pillow, it also adds high-elasticity cloud silk. It has unique breathable, moisture-permeable, smooth and close-fitting properties, giving you a refreshing and smooth natural feeling and a long-lasting elasticity. There are also embroidered needles (silk, cashmere, thread), according to the design of the pattern, on the fabric (silk, cloth) on the needle, the embroidery pattern to form a pattern or text, made of a pillowcase, with a unique style Art appreciation.

What Is The Size Of The Standard Pillow

The three main elements of a good pillow.

1. The basic shape of the supporting neck: the groove design, the middle is lower than the surrounding, in addition to the moderate support of the head, it can also gently support the neck. The left and right sides are thicker and can automatically adapt to the height of the side of the human body when the body is turned over during sleep. Each part of this shape guarantees your ideal sleeping position. The basic shape of the 5 types of suitable pillows includes 5 parts (front, rear, left and right sides and middle part), moderate support for the neck. Each part guarantees your best posture. Neck unit: gentle support neck Middle part: lower than the surrounding, in order to support the head. The sides are relatively thick, and the side turns over during sleep can automatically adapt to the height of the side of the human body.

2, the right height: the height of the pillow is more conducive to the blood circulation of the neck, providing enough oxygen to the brain, wake up, the brain is more awake, the spirit is fuller. Personally think that you can choose from 5 basic heights and more than 10 kinds of pillows. The human body sleep is actually the most comfortable when it is the same as the standing posture, that is, the human body needs about a 5 degree angle when sleeping. If you don't sleep on the pillow, at least don't support the head! Make your neck vertebral body gradually deformed! The problem of not sleeping on the pillow or the pillow is too low. "Qingdao Pillow" also said that the pillow is high, even if you sleep and rest for a long time, you can't rest well! This may be an important reason why you sleep long but feel old and tired!

3, good filling material: filling material determines the softness and efficacy of the pillow. At present, it is more popular to choose natural materials, such as kapok, fragrant velvet, buckwheat hull, cotton, flowers, etc. It is also possible to add good natural physiotherapy materials to increase the effect of pillows, such as silkworm, cassia seed, Chinese fragrant, lavender, huangjingzi, apocynum , son-in-law, ginkgo leaves, etc. You can choose more than 10 different basic fillers and more than 40 kinds of composite fillers, so that the pillows have different elasticity, softness and natural effects, allowing customers to choose the right one. According to different filling materials, the pillow can be divided into three categories: soft pillow, hard pillow and neutral pillow, which is convenient for customers to choose. In addition, the pillows are mostly soft and hard double-sided.