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What Is Warp Knitted Fabric

Aug 03, 2019

Warp knitted fabrics are often made of synthetic filaments such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, and are also woven from cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber and blended yarn. Ordinary warp knit fabrics are often woven by braided structure, warp-knitted structure, satin-structured, or slanted tissue. There are many types of fancy warp knit fabrics, such as mesh fabric, terry fabric, pleated fabric, plush fabric, weft-inserted fabric, and the like. The warp knitted fabric has the advantages of good longitudinal dimensional stability, stiff fabric, low dispersibility, no curling, good air permeability and the like. Lateral extension, elasticity and softness are not as good as weft knitted fabrics.

1.Polyester warp-knitted fabric: Polyester warp-knitted fabric is woven with low-elastic polyester yarn of the same denier or interlaced with low-elastic yarn of different deniers. The commonly used tissue is a velvety tissue combined with a flat tissue and a velvet tissue. The fabric is then dyed to a plain fabric. The colors are plain, hidden, plain, plain, bright, plain, and bright. The fabric has a flat surface and a bright color, and is thick, medium thick and thin. The thin type is mainly used as a shirt and skirt fabric; the medium-thick and thick type can be used as a fabric for men's and women's coats, windbreakers, tops, suits, trousers, and the like.

2.Warp-knitted fabrics: warp-knitted fabrics are often made of synthetic fibers such as ruthenium or viscose, and the woven fabrics are woven with the warp-knitted structure. After the fabric is processed by the brushing process, the appearance looks like woolen cloth, the suede is full, the cloth body is tight and thick, the hand feels soft and the fabric drape is good, the fabric is easy to wash, quick-drying and hot-free, but in the use of static electricity, it is easy to absorb dust. Mainly used as winter men's and women's coats, windbreakers, tops, trousers and other fabrics.

3.Warp-knitted mesh fabric: warp-knitted mesh fabric is made of synthetic fiber, recycled fiber and natural fiber. It is woven by changing flat structure, etc., forming square, round, diamond, hexagonal and columnar on the surface of the fabric. Corrugated holes. The hole size, distribution density, and distribution state can be determined as needed. The fabric is bleached and dyed. The texture of the mesh fabric is light, elastic and breathable, and the hand feels smooth and supple. Mainly used for summer men's and women's shirt fabrics.