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What Is Warp Knitted Fabric

Mar 04, 2021

What is warp-knitted fabric? I believe that many of your friends have bought clothes, so some of them must be made of warp-knitted fabrics. Do you know what warp-knitted fabrics are? If you don’t understand, you can study it with the editor~

Warp knitted fabrics often use nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. as raw materials, but also use silk, cotton, linen, wool, chemical fiber and their blended yarns as raw materials. Ordinary warp knitted fabrics are often woven with warp satin weaves, braided chain weaves, warp diagonal weaves, and warp flat weaves. The warp-knitted fabric has the advantages of good longitudinal dimensional stability, no curling, low dispersibility, stiff fabric, and good air permeability. Lateral extension, elasticity and softness are not as good as weft knitted fabrics.

1. Polyester warp-knitted fabric: Polyester warp-knitted fabric is woven with low-elastic polyester yarns of the same denier or different deniers. The warp velveteen tissue formed by the combination of warp plain weave and warp velvet weave. The fabric is dyed and processed into plain fabric. The fabric has a flat surface and bright color. It can be divided into thick, medium and thin. Thick and medium-thick ones can be used as men's and women's coats, windbreakers, trousers and other fabrics. Thin fabrics are mainly used as fabrics for shirts and skirts;

2. Warp-knitted mesh fabric: The warp-knitted mesh fabric is made of recycled fibers, synthetic fibers, and natural fibers as raw materials, and is woven by changing warp flat weaves, forming square, round, and diamond shapes on the surface of the fabric. Eyelet. The size of the holes, the density of the distribution, and the state of the distribution can be customized as required. The mesh fabric used in clothing has a light and thin texture, good elasticity and air permeability, and a smooth hand feeling. Mainly used as summer shirt fabrics.

3. Warp-knitted pile fabric: The warp-knitted pile fabric is made of synthetic fiber or viscose silk as raw material, and it is made of interlaced knitting chain structure and changing warp pile structure. After the fabric is processed by the napping process, the appearance looks like woolen cloth, the cloth body is tight and thick, the suede is plump, the fabric has good drape, the feel is crisp and soft, the fabric is easy to wash, quick-drying, and non-ironing, but it is easy to accumulate static electricity during use, and it is easy to absorb dust . Mainly used as winter coats, windbreakers and other fabrics for men and women.

4. Warp-knitted velvet fabric: Warp-knitted velvet fabric is a double-layer fabric composed of recycled fiber, synthetic fiber and natural fiber as the base fabric and acrylic fiber as the plush yarn. After cutting the pile, it becomes two pieces of single-layer velvet. According to the condition of the suede, it can be divided into corduroy, velveteen, yarn-dyed velvet, etc. Various suedes can be cross-laid on the fabric at the same time to form a variety of colors. This kind of fabric has dense piles on the surface, a thick and plump hand feel, full of elasticity, and good warmth retention. Mainly used as children's clothing fabrics and winter clothing.

5. Warp-knitted jacquard fabric: Warp-knitted jacquard fabric is usually a jacquard fabric woven on a warp knitting machine with natural fibers and synthetic fibers as raw materials. After the fabric is dyed and processed, the pattern is clear, the hand feels crisp, three-dimensional, good drape, and the pattern changes. Mainly used as women's outerwear, underwear fabrics and skirt materials.

6. Warp knitted loop fabric: cotton yarn or cotton, synthetic fiber blended yarn is used as weft-inlaid yarn, warp knitted loop fabric is made of synthetic fiber as ground yarn, natural fiber, synthetic fiber, and regenerated fiber are used as loop yarn, using wool A single-sided or double-sided terry fabric woven from a loop weave. The fabric of this kind of fabric is firm and thick, has a full and thick feel, elasticity, good moisture absorption, good warmth retention, stable loop structure, and good clothing performance. Mainly used as sportswear, pajamas, children's clothing and other fabrics.