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What Kind Of Bib Is Better And How To Choose A Bib Suitable For Babies?

Jul 31, 2018

1. material: the bib will come into contact with the skin of the baby's head and neck and chin. Therefore, the fabric of the bib is recommended to be mainly soft and breathable fabric, such as cotton gauze material, the fine and comfortable water absorption of the fabric made of gauze, warm and breathable, fluffy, soft, and no fluorescent agent, for the baby to be comfortable and suitable.

2. Size: The neckline size of the bib is an important part of the bib that mothers choose. The neckline is too loose to achieve the dirty effect that mothers need. The neckline is too tight, and the baby can't breathe easily.

3. color: the choice of the color of the bib, try to avoid being too bright; the bright color of the bib is usually treated by chemical dyeing, and it is easy to eat harmful substances when the baby is wiping the corner of the mouth.

Choose light color: darker color and brighter children's wear, in the process of printing and dyeing will use more dyes and auxiliaries, body wearing, may cause skin allergy and discomfort of the baby, and the dark clothes are easy to fade, baby is very fond of biting clothes, easy to eat dye into the belly, bad for health.