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What Should I Do If My Baby Is Always Drooling?

Jun 10, 2019

Adjust baby's eating habits

Baby is not like adults can eat a lot of things, their choice of diet is relatively simple, a small baby can only drink milk powder, which may result in a single oral environment. If the mother finds that the baby always likes to drool for a certain period of time, try to change some food for him to eat, such as a little bit of rice paste, and slightly improve the eating habits, may improve the symptoms of drooling.


Prepare baby bib

When the baby's saliva is too much, if it is not treated in time, it will flow to the face and neck. In the long run, the saliva will corrode the baby's delicate skin, and the baby will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, once the parents find that the baby's saliva is too much, it is necessary to put the bib on the baby in time, prepare the baby's special paper towel, wipe the secreted saliva in time, and create a clean and hygienic environment for the baby.


The occasional drooling of the baby is actually a very normal phenomenon, because the baby's control of the muscles is not very strong, as long as it is not a lot of secretion, it does not matter. However, if you have been secreting saliva, it is recommended to take your baby to see a doctor. It is safer for you to take care of your baby's life habits in order to make your baby grow healthier.

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