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Whether The Film On The Mattress Should Be Torn Off

Oct 18, 2019

Many people think that the newly purchased mattress does not remove the plastic film to keep the mattress the same as the new one. In fact, it is very wrong.

Not only will it shorten the life of the mattress, it will make it very uncomfortable, and the most important thing is harmful to human health!

In fact, the film is only a protective film for the outer packaging, the role is to protect it from being soiled before or during transportation. Just like when we buy other products or food, supplies, etc., how can we use it without unpacking?

The cost of this film is very low, remember to tear it off after buying the mattress home!

Only when the film is torn off, will it be ventilated, and the body will emit moisture, which will be sucked away by the mattress. It  can also be released into the air when not in use.

If you do not tear off the film, you can't breathe and absorb moisture. It will take a long time to sleep, and there will be a wet feeling in the bed. Because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is more prone to mold and bacteria and mites.

Long-term dampness will make the internal structure of the mattress rust, turn over and sizzle, and the plastic smell is not good for the respiratory system.

Whether The Film On The Mattress Should Be Torn Off

The data show that the human body should discharge about one liter of water through the sweat glands, etc. If you sleep on a mattress covered with plastic cloth, the moisture will not go down, but it will adhere to the scorpions and sheets, covering the human body. People are uncomfortable, and the number of turns over during sleep increases the quality of sleep.

If you look closely at the spring mattresses currently on the market, we will find that many of the mats have three or four holes on the side, which is the venting hole. Why does the manufacturer's design contain such a small hole? Undoubtedly from the perspective of human sleep quality, if the consumer does not tear the plastic cloth, it is in vain.

The Mattress

Suggestions for maintaining the mattress

Regularly flip

During the first year of purchase, the new mattress will be rotated every two to three months, such as the front, back, left and right or corners, so that the mattress spring will be evenly stressed, and then flipped about once every six months.

2. Keep it clean

It is necessary to do a good job of hygiene and diligence.

If the mattress is stained, use a toilet paper or cloth to absorb moisture. Do not wash with water or detergent.

Avoid lying on the bed after bathing or sweating, and don't use electrical appliances or smoking in bed.

3. Don't sit on the edge of the bed, bed corners often

Because the four corners of the mattress are the most vulnerable, sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time, it is easy to prematurely damage the edge spring.